Weddings & events

With us, you will have an unforgettable party

Wedding and the party that follows are an especially joyous moment in the life of every couple. If carefully prepared, this special day will stay in your memory forever. We are positive that you are making the right choice by letting us organize your wedding party – our experienced team will be happy to make it an unforgettable celebration.

The workers of the “Mir-Jan” Hotel in Ladek-Zdroj are also ready to give you useful advice on the composition of the perfect menu, taking into consideration any special preferences of the Newlyweds as well as the guests’ requests.

The atmosphere at our hotel will make you feel truly exceptional on your wedding day. We will take care of every smallest detail in the organization of your celebration and go to every effort to ensure that this day becomes the most beautiful time in your life.

For wedding guests: a 50% discount for overnight stays

The Newlyweds’ suite: extra

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