Spa & wellness

Regenerate in Ladek-Zdroj

You are invited to avail yourselves of the Spa & wellness section of the “Mir-Jan” Hotel in Ladek-Zdroj, where at your disposal the following are available:

  • a swimming pool with brine (30oC)
  • a swimming pool for children
  • a hot tub (35oC)
  • a Finnish sauna (dry)
  • an infrared sauna
  • a steam sauna
  • a gym (atlas, cross-trainer, treadmills, bikes)

Why should you go to the swimming pool?

The greatest advantage of using the pool is the fact that we don’t have to depend on the conditions outside. Most swimming pools increase the temperature of the water in winter in order to diminish the discomfort of immersing. Swimming has a beneficial influence on our body because it:

  • shapes the figure,
  • improves the immunity and increases the capacity of your body,
  • helps remove excess fat tissue and, as a result, aids you in losing weight,
  • delays the signs of aging,
  • makes your body feel lighter.
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