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MonaVie™ healthy food -

MonaVieMonaVie™, a delicious composition of Brazilian açaí – one of the most precious edible natural treasures – and 18 other fruits, supports the fulfilling of your nourishing needs. The mix provides you with antioxidants, including natural vitamin C, which helps reduce the number of free radicals in your organism.

MonaVie™ is a nutritious fruit composition developed in order to feed your body with strong antioxidants,  such as natural vitamin C.


“U Heleny” Spa -

  • Would you like to clear your body and mind in concord with nature?
  • Get rid of your ailments?
  • Shed some weight?
  • Revitalize and immunize your organism?
  • Recharge your batteries with positive energy?

If your answer to at least one of those questions is “yes”, then don’t hesitate – take part in a natural detoxification treatment in Ladek-Zdroj!

Inviting you to join, Helena Marta Rogacka – nature therapist, bioenergy therapist.



Zdrowie, odchudzanie, diety, atrakcjeYou are encouraged to take part in an 11-day program of detoxification and regeneration of your organism at the “Mir-Jan” Hotel in the mountainous resort of Ladek-Zdroj, located in the forest by the stream.

The aim of the workshops is to regenerate your organism and enhance its efficient functioning, eliminating stress and excess weight, and to teach you new ways of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our program utilizes both manual actions and professional cosmetic equipment, e.g. for ionization, electrostimulation or thermal detoxification of the body.

In our procedures high class cosmetics with aroma therapeutic substances, provided by the French company Mary Cohr and the German producer Lady Esther, are used.


Health and dieting in Ladek-ZdrojSlimming camps -

The "Zdrowe Życie" ("Healthy Life") Resort has been active since 1999, hosting over 2,000 adults, teenagers and children. Slimming camps with fasting are organized all year long.

Our therapies help with successful weight loss with both visible and invisible effects, which result in the improvement of your health. There are no health contraindications due to the wide choice of treatments on our offer, which can be selected for every person’s health and individual needs. What is more, a diet can be "custom-made".

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